New to modding all together

Hey guys! I’m looking for some insights about modding.

I’ve had the digital version of this game for about 3 years and now I have finally started a save file. however, I really don’t want to deal with dragons like at all. I would like to know how modding works and if someone can explain to me how the editing of the save file is done? I mostly looking to disable the main quest (no dragon hunting for me) as well as maybe increase my bag limit and prob play with my skills and levels a bit.

can someone tell me how the mod on skyrim and edit their savefiles?

All you can really do with a 360 save is edit contents of a barrel. So for example, changing 1 iron arrow inside of a barrel to 9999 daedric hearts.

Instead, you should upload your savegame to a site like mediafire.

Post the link in this thread, along with what you want modded. Ex: Carry weight, Archery Lv100, Lv81, Unlimited Magicka etc

Then someone like myself with the PC version of the game will mod the save for you, and post a new mediafire link for you to download your save.

How do I get my savefile from my disk drive to a UBS? also, is there a way I can just disable (or weaken) the dragons that I have to battle on the main quest? after thinking about it I do like the quest, just not the dragons lol

You wouldn’t be able to modify the dragon damage from what I know. They should be easy to kill if you wear maxed out armor however.

To get the savefile from your USB use the USB tool in horizon.

well that makes sense. so my options would be get really good gear and build up my skills as well as level up? seems legit lol I’ll upload my savefile later today then hopefully someone can modded for me. thanks for answering guys :smile:

Yeah I don’t think there’s a way to disable dragons altogether like Manga said. You could just not play the mission where you kill the dragon at Whiterun’s Western Watchtower with Irileth. Then dragons will never spawn as long as you don’t complete that mission. The downside is that you can’t move forward in the main quest at all.

When you post your save, post something along the lines of this:

Save link:
99999999 gold & lockpicks
1337 magicka, 420 health, 69 stamina
max carry weight
Archery Lv100
200 unused Perk Points

I could give you Dragonrend & a weapon that deals millions of damage, and you could just use that combo to insta-kill dragons.

Thanks guys! I finally managed to get my savefile a link
I’m looking to be around lv 20
I’ll just copy and paste form here
99999999 gold & lockpicks
1337 magicka, 420 health, 69 stamina
max carry weight
Archery Lv100
200 unused Perk Points

also any type of good gear for dragon fighting will be nice :smile:

again, thanks a lot

You may want to change/add some values to the form I posted, I was just giving you an example. Check out all you can do with console commands here

Whenever you update your post with stuff you want, I’ll go ahead and mod it for you

mmm… I’m not really sure how those codes work… maybe this would work instead (sorry D:)
Level: 25
Perk Points: 250
Carry Weight: 5,000 (or max)
Gold: 1,000,000+ (or max)
Lockpicks: 1,000,000 (or max)


5,000,000 Fortify Health, Magicka, & Stamina
Over 100% Resist Disease
Over 100% resist Magic
Over 100% Resists Fire, Ice, & Shock
Water breathing
.Max Skills. (Ring)
Fortify enchantments to 12 major skills

and any of the following:


Beast Form
Conjure Ancients
Conjure Ash Guardian
Conjure Dragon Priest
Conjure Seeker
Conjure Spectral Dragon
Detect All Creatures
Dragon Storm
Dragon Storm Call
Fire Ball
Fire Breath (for DRAGONS only)
Frost Breath
Ice Storm
Soul Cairn Summon
Spectral Arrow
Vampire Lord
Vile Vapor

the best in game gear I can get for archer…

I hope this is better… Sorry I just copy and paste numbers before lol Just mod what you can honestly (the fact that you can mod my save if good enough)

Thanks again!