New to this whole modding thing?

Hey guys, The Jungle here and i wanted to know how do the modding things all work? I just got diamond today and wanted to know how to use the Tools? I got the basic knowledge to add some saves to an account and edit some for my bro but that’s about all i got :T
Can someone help me out?

For the game adder, I don’t know what to do after I’ve added the games to the queue and added them to my account after saving and rehashing and all that? I basically wanted to know how to get access to those games and download them to my account? is there a site or what?

What about the achievement unlock-er and the award unlock-er? how does all that work?i looked on Youtube and found old crap or some without mics or help? Can i get like some link to the answer with someone with some up to date info…

Anything helps out guys

Also i wanted to Say Hi

how to get access to those games and download them to my account? is there a site or what???

I don’t have diamond but I guess you would have to click on the tool you want then load up the account to use it
do not blame me if am wrong as I said I don’t have diamond
PS I don’t think you will be able to get free games

The game adder does NOT allow you to download/play the games. It only adds the achievements entries to your account so you can unlock them for more GamerScore.

The achievement unlocker allows you to modify which achievements are unlocked on your profile and the avatar awards unlocker lets you unlock avatar items awarded by games.

Check out an example of the tool in action here:

More info here:!?highlight=achievement+unlocker

And check out our great tutorials section for more help on how to use the tool: