New to WeMod, but not modding

Yeah, I’m new to WeMod. I go by Rhapdog. The ‘H’ is silent.

My first game mod was for a Star Trek game written for the IBM System/360. It was a text based game, because graphics didn’t exist in the mid-1970s. I modded it by re-writing the code to my liking. It wasn’t called modding back then, it was called programming.

It’s been probably 8 years or so since I’ve done any game mods, and 7 years since I quit programming by retiring from the old job. I still like to keep up with tech a bit, just don’t like to get as technical as I used to.


Welcome R⒣ap! Then you are a veteran coming back to the battlefields ^^

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Another script kiddie. /s

You might have more programming experiance than the devs, assuming that what you are telling is true, my memories are intact and my assumptions are correct.

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Welcome Rhapdog

I have not lived the 70 or 80s so da ■■■■ i know but from what i’ve read, there were trainers which were included in the games themselves or part of cracktros and the term cheating existed before that. I don’t know about modding though.

Anyway, enjoy your stay man!

In my case i been playing modded games since the first doom, but even then the word modding was unknown to me, maybe is kinda new

G’day and Welcome Mate…
Glad you have come to visit, I hope that you enjoy your stay.

Welcome hope you enjoy your stay

Welcome yo the site mate.


Welcome! You’ll like it here :slight_smile: