NEW | Topic of the Month #1 - May 2015

This is a new thing I’m trying to do for the community and it should hopefully spice things up a little.

I have decided to try and think of a subject or question to extend to the forums each and every month. I will do my best to make sure it’s reasonable, creative, interesting and won’t spark too much controversy. After all, these will be discussions and not opportunities to belittle or make fun of individuals. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and are free to express it but please do so in a reasonable-controlled manner.

[b]Can you imagine your life today, without technology?[/b]

(If you are stuck for an answer, try avoiding all the technology you have access to for just 1 day! This would exclude using the Internet to view this topic.)

Honestly, this is an easy question for me to answer, no…

There are things that I could go without for a minor or extensive period of time, but overall I couldn’t go without technology/the internet. Some may easily say “Wow, you need to find a life!” or “There is so much more then technology!”, but I seriously wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without technology and the things it gives/lets us do on a day-to-day basis!

Few examples:


Without going into great personal detail, my father recently had triple by-pass surgery followed up with a tracheotomy. Now, I would be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t nervous of losing my father and having everything that he handled fall into my family and I’s lap faster then hurricane winds knocking you off your feet! With technology I was easily able to read up on the procedure, doctors, the hospital, statistics, before/after symptoms, and, the most important one out of the bunch, allow my father to have a successful surgery and continue to be my father; allowing me to be some what at ease with what was/is going on.


I don’t think anyone on this site besides Haunted Mare + MoNsTeRR know of this, but I went to college for a degree in electrical engineering. Now, with that bit of knowledge out of the bad, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many hours I spent late at night reading and trying to learn something that I couldn’t comprehend from class or lab. With the power of technology there were things I was able to use and abuse which allowed me to get my degree far easier than say someone trying to learn the subject(s) from a non-technology environment. (ex: Nothing but books and class notes.)

Like you said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and may have a different outlook of things even though they went through similar things as myself, but I’m still interested in seeing what others have to input! Another awesome thread TR0Y, I can’t wait for the next month discussion!

Yes, I lived out in the sticks with my grandma for 3yrs. No internet, Basic TV that came in like crap, No video games. I never watched tv because of how bad it came in and I usually just stayed outside and worked around the yard/farm while listening to the radio. I could imagine doing this for the rest of my life I was never bored there was always something to be done I never thought about the internet.

Yes because from the age of 5 til I was 8 I lived with my grandfather from my dads side of the family and he was a farmer. Only real modern tech that I can remember was a simple Television, Trucks & cars and for fun chicken chasing was all the rage lol. Technology does make life a lot easier and it will take time to readopt to life without it but in no means is it not doable.

Yes i was phone less and internet-less for some months now u be surprised if u survive how u look at other people stuck!

I mean I guess I could, but then again I don’t think so.

I do Graphic Design which in my case I do Digital Art, which depends on a computer… So without technology I would have pretty much no talents haha…

But I also don’t mind being without technology, I have enjoyed days/weeks/even a couple months without technology when I was a kid and let’s just say you truly acknowledge the beauty of the earth and life.

I could do without it. Get a cabin in the woods, grow ‘vegetables’ and live off the land

POT is good