NEW | Topic of The Month #6 - October 2015

Do you like a long solitary walk which allows you to think through a complicated situation? Do seek an hour spent sitting quietly at home when everyone else is out? Do you search for these opportunities or avoid them at all costs? Do you like to spend time alone? Why or why not?

This may seem difficult to answer considering that there may come a time in our lives that we may actually want to be left alone or we may find that we want to be around others for various reasons. The answers from the community will be interesting to view when trying to answer the following question…

Do you like to be alone, or do you prefer the company of others?

My answer;- I have mixed feelings on this. I enjoy my own company very much, but to try and imagine my life without my loved ones or certain friends for an example is pretty hard to bare!

I like both but I do enjoy my solitude.

Honestly, I prefer being alone to being a group of people. I do like my time with friends tho. I don’t really like giant parties, unless I knoew everyone.

I’m unsure. Excluding the time I spend with my brother, I spend 99% of my time alone, sometimes by choice and other times I feel like I couldn’t be with other people even if I wanted to.

I’m currently at college and at the ripe age of 19, one could imagine the plethora of disgustingly immature kids that I’m surrounded by everyday. I don’t like hanging out with these kinds of people. Lots of guys my age in my college, for example, make gay jokes which is simply one of many things that make me not want to spend time with them. The time I do get to spend with those who aren’t like this, those who are sensitive to the various ways of living and who don’t make light of them, is time well spent. But I find that it’s rare I encounter people like this. It’s more rare than it should be, if you ask me.

My opinion on the matter is obviously more complicated on that, but I’d consider myself much more introverted than I am extroverted. Sometimes it’s haunting, but most of the time I love it.

EDIT: However, I will say that because of the vast amount of time I’ve spent by myself over the years, my social skills have become so crippled, it’s laughable. I’m good with one on one, but as a group gets bigger, I less and less want to be there.

I’m also in this weird social position where I love doing drugs and drinking, but I despise 90% of the people that do this. That’s why I hate going to parties because it’s just me and bunch of stupid frat guys, trying to coerce women to sleep with them in the most hilarious ways (hilarious because it’s stupid). But the people who aren’t into doing these things and who like to study and whatnot, these people I love and while some of them love me, many of them don’t, at least at first. They are instantly turned off to the idea of befriending someone such as myself, which I can fully understand.

I live in a small ish town called Fort William. Only about 15k people live here. Shops aren’t great but there is plenty to do, we are the outdoor capital of the UK. But I rarely do any outdoor activities. I only really play indoor football. So I spend most of my time at home. Or if I’m working. I work 13 hours a day and don’t mind seeing some people I work with. But I really like staying in my house relaxing and on xbox with some friends. I like the option to just turn them off when I can’t be bothered.

I rarely go out drinking instead me and my girlfriend will go away for the weekend to Glasgow. But I really really don’t like how busy it is. I feel too much out of my comfort zone. I don’t care what people think about me or anything, I just prefer not to have to squeeze past people or wait in big lines. I like to have plenty of space. Not that I’m overweight or anything.

I would say I prefer to be on my own in my own space with the easy option of meeting friends for lunch, dinner or drinks etc.