New trainers not downloading, Old ones do though

A couple things…

Trying to use the trainer for Graveyard Keeper and get the error message “We’re having trouble downloading the cheats. please try again later.” this only happens on the latest version of the trainer though. The older version, albeit the cheats don’t work, download and start just fine. out of the 4 from the past 2 years, they all download except for the newest one from 25 days ago. I’m just curious why the older versions will download but not the new ones.

Second: When you click on HELP it brings you to “” which is a not existent page. Maybe this can be updated.

Note: I have all the necessary actions taken with firewall and Xfi advanced security. I also understand that trainers need to be updated but it just seems weird that the older versions are still available while the new ones are not.

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Trainer_30621_80b9a56469.dll (2.0 MB)

It honestly sounds like an AV issue. I know you said that you added an exception to your AV but the only thing that can prevent WeMod from downloading the trainer is if you don’t have an active connection, your ISP is blocking it, or your AV/Firewall is blocking it.

I’ve attached the newest trainer for the game to my post. Place it in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\WeMod\App\trainers

So, that worked.