New Update? Confused

I started up the Infinity app and it’s all changed. Did I have a trial period or something, do I have the pay now to use anything? (I have no issues paying btw, I’m just confused as to what happened.)

Infinity had a compleat overhaul for various reasons. Read about it here if you want.

Everything is still free. Beside the interactive controlls that was ment to be free in v3 but forgotten.
Now they waited to v5 to make it pro only. Still you can use the hotkeys and the trainers works as it should.
So don’t worry about having to pay.

Hello I am still super confused. Is this version free or not? All my buttons are greyed out and won’t let me click unless I have pro. And during in game, when I click a ““hot key”” there is no sound like the feature is active nor is it’s function working.

Press that play button top right corner !!:grinning: