New Way To ISO Mod Without Opening Xbox360

I did not fine this and i take no credit 100% of the credit goes to WAM2OnYT

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How To:

Have A Friend That Has A Flashed Xbox or can hotswap a modded game and have him install the modded game to his Flash Drive or HDD,

Now, Have Him Plug His Flash Drive Or HDD (Via Tranfer Cable) Into His Computer.

Next Have Him Download USBXTAFGUI v44

Now Have Him Open That Up And If Using A Flash Drive Press File>Open First USB Drive or if Using A HDD Via Transfer Cable File>Open First HDD.

His Flash Drive/HDD Contents Should Be Displayed Now.

Have Him Go Into The Data Partition>Content>000000000000 Folder.

Now Download Horizon Beta and Goto The Tools Tab in Horizon, Next Press Title ID Finder… From Here Enter The Name of The Game that is installed to our Flash Drive/HDD that is modded. This Will Give you the ID of The Game.

Now Go Back Into USBXTAF And Look For That ID in The 00000000000 Folder.

Once you find this click it. You Should Now See In the Right-Hand Side Of the Program The File|Content Title|Size. Make Sure You See A Folder that says under the “Content Title” tab GAME INSTALLS.

Now If it says this you have now located the modded game install, Right click that folder and press extract> Set where you want to extract that folder. Press OK/Extract Whatever. If the Application freezes this is normal it is a big file and can take time just leave it until it unfreezes.

Now Once That Folder is Extracted to where ever if you open it, it will contain 1 Folder and 1 File. This Is Good.

Now Do Not Mess with these files.

Now Download WinRar (if you dont have it) And install it. Now Right click the extracted folder and press> Add To Archive. Then Select For Archive Format “RAR” Then Method “Normal” Then If you dont want to have to upload 1 big file split it into volumes and Select “Autodetect” then once it is done archiving upload those many files or the one file you just made into a .RAR to a file sharing website or something.

Give your friend the link to the one or many files and have him download it and extract it /them.

Once It Is Extracted Make Sure You Install your LEGIT Game to your Flash Drive or HDD Now. Then repeat the process but insted of extracting the whole game Install folder go into it and extract the 1 file (NOT THE FILES IN THE FOLDER! JUST THE 1 FILE) To Your desktop or wherever.

Now Go into the game install folder you extracted from your friend and replace the 1 file with the File you just extracted from YOUR game install. This Will allow his game install to run on ur xbox.

Now delete the game install folder on your Flash Drive/HDD and replace it with his.

Now Let it copy over (USBXTAF MAY FREEZE! ITS A BIG FILE LET IT UNFREEZE WHEN ITS DONE!) Then exit USBXTAF and unplug your USB and plug it in your console. Insert your LEGIT Game and it will run off your flash drive/HDD and it will be modded!

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Game installs are signed to the console it was originally installed to, editing any part of it will cause it to corrupt. This is fake.