New with a few questions

Came here because the kids seen some videos of Minecraft maps. Great site, awesome tool!

Now for my questions.
My son got the Call of Duty 360 bundle for Christmas and I wanted to play the Black Ops II that came with it with him so I was wondering if I DL Black Ops II from the usual places since its a GoD and if I use this tool to get it on my console will I get banned if we connect via system link and only play with trusted friends? Will I get banned playing it at all?

I tried DLing it to my console with his profile but it will not allow me to play from my console with my profile. It only loads under his profile from my console. I can however play off his console with my profile but he wants to use his new console and I really dont blame him.

Welcome to HorizonMB Jaywer!

You can’t download GOD games, or really any other games, and just add them with Horizon and play them unless they’re DRM free. Or if you have a Jtag or Rgh modded 360, which I’m assuming you don’t since you didn’t mention it. If your son did a licence transfer to your 360 then you could play it. Do some research on Xbox 360 License Transferring and see how it works.

I am a little confused by the DRM. Is COD BO II a DRM game even though its on GoD?

Just going by this how to thread which states that GoD games can be used on non JTaged consoles but I didnt see anything about DRM.

I do know I was told I couldn’t download Garden Warfare through one profile and use it on others but I downloaded it with my profile on his console then again through my profile on my console and it works on any profile on both consoles. However the person could have been incorrect and while trying that same method with BO II it didnt work.