New world to download xbox

Alright here is my world enjoy it] dont forget to Rehash and Resign and put ure id here is the link dont forget to comment all item available in chestLINK

Looking nice in the pics, will add to my collection. Good job!

Thanks took me a few days whitout sleep lol if u guys have any idee what to build next ill keep updating here

nice, thanks for including he pictures… but what about when the creative mode comes in? you would have to do this again or something better !

That will be a lot better as i will be able to fly that just took me about 30h so that not a big deal:thumbsup:

Downloading now looks awesome thanks!

F***ing Awesome thanks for sharing!

BTW Could you help me out with some of the achivements sometime?

sure witch one u need send me a friend request X SS PR0T0TYP3 X ill get u all achivement

Ok my GT is Majestic Card I’ll add you now.
The only two I need is Pigs can fly and catch and cook a fish

for Pig can fly take a bunch of saddle in chest on my world and ride a pig try to make it fall from a cliff and for catch and cook a fish just make a fishing rod catch a fish and cook im u should get those in like 5 min

I spent 1 hour doing them and couldn’t do it.

sorry gametag is XSS PR0T0TYP3X

I’ll be on in 5 mins I’m just buying diamond

ill be there later my son playing now

When you rehash and resign a save with Horizon, is it necessary to change the Console ID as well?

Why is there a giant guy just staring at me?

lol u can go inside that giant climb by is right foot

World update here some new building Forge CottageArchery link on first post will keep update this soon

thanks <3

World updated new Pirate Boat inside not done enjoy it that about 12 000 block and 10h link in first post