New x1 update

xbox one update has added a file explorer

Think that was just on a preview/beta version.
Then it got patched away later.
So if people try to update now it would be gone.

Check it here: Community Research Thread

If you still have access to that file explorer, i think @unknown_v2 would like to see anything you can extract there.

Im the one that first posted with the screenshot of the xboxs partitioned drives. recently figured out how to make the xbox show them to me again. (they are kind of hidden) Is there anything specific you might be looking for in the file system? there is a lot in there and i dont want to try to copy it all and give it to a stranger for 2 reasons. One, it wont let me copy everything at once, it will give me some random errors based on permissions but nothing specific. and two, some of the files may have my personal info on it.