New Xbox 360 Profile Modder!

This is a mod tool that was made by me in vb 10
Things in it:
1.Edit Gamertag
2.View Motto
3.View Bio
4.View Name
5.View Location
6.Will have updates i am planning to make this mod tool like Horizon But if nobody
uses it or donates then i will not update this program. So Please use and donate. Thanks!
Please Contact:
Xbox Live GT:xXIJO3YXx
Made In Visual Basic 2010
If u have any ideas for this mod tool
Please contact me and help or u can help make the program!!!
Here Is the Update with avatar color editor:
Editor360 V2.0.0.rar
i will try to fix the bio errors or whatever is not working!
Thanks for telling me.

So you made a tool that we can already do on on our xbox?

Don’t diss his first project, I would like to see you do better.

Im not dissing it, but I mean nobody would really use this since we can do it ourselves without having to put our profile on a USB :confused:

i think its good for being made by you. congrats, i see why you shared.but no one will donate if we can only edit 1 thing and we can get it all on horizon anyway but still, congrats

Honestly even though that is true, it’s good for how long he’s been doing it :wink:

I didn’t mean to seem like an ass on the above post

Doesn’t work for me. Just says has stopped working.


i will add a avatar color editor tonight

Oh **** Ya! Screw Modio!

Its not working :wink:

You can edit your bio to say bad words in a program like this and on Xbox you cant use foul language.

**** you, it’s a learning experience you inconsiderate ****

That type of language “Modio” is not allowed here!

sorry its taking so long hold on almost done

doesnt work tried on both xp and win 7 and i just get a stopped working error

You use dotnetbar?

Here’s the update:
Editor360 V2.0.0.rar

yes i do use dotnetbar why
is that why there are errors

well nobody is still online in this post so i will try to fix everything today whenever i wake up. Thanks

Congrats :smile: i like it

Did it work like the avatar color editor or any of that.