New Xbox Experience 2011 Dashboard update coming this fall

Anxious to see how your Xbox 360’s UI will transform this fall? We’ve got some new images for you to flip through – you can’t gesture through our gallery, but you can click through. That’s kinda the same thing, right? Right? more images can be found in read more


This looks orderly and neat, I like it!

I wonder if they will have a beta again. If they do hopefully they don’t block everything like they did last time.

I’m not digging the Family Center button right there.

Like I posted in the other thread about this, this looks like a clean cut dashboard. I would love to see that the guide button dash is going to look like. Lets hope it’s going to be faster!

Come on Major Nelson, drop the beta sign up link :wink:

I would guess it would only be there if you have a family account(s)?

Again ! Microsoft make your mind up allready !

Looks like they’re taking ideas from the xmb( No, not xboxmb lol).

Oh well, i will always like ps3’s dash more :thumbsup:

honestly i hate it because it’s white. the new dashboard update is a complete eyesore. if you try to play at night with little light, the friend center will kill your eyes

It looks easier to navigate.

Youtube on xbox live too < 3 Hopefully they have a beta…

I always forget about the Facebook application lol. This new dash looks nice.

I like this, it looks very organized. :smile:

The dashboard is probably designed for Kinect… Still hate it though.

it DOES look nice, but the over-abundance in white is the most annoying thing about the dashboard. i wish they’d go back to the style from 2008, wasn’t anywhere close to an eyesore as the current one is now.

Lol those pictures remind of the Omnimo rainmeter.

would look better in black IMO

i hope you can adjust the color scheme or something. the current dash - and this new one - are/will be **** to play with late at night.

i’m loving the zune look, though.