New Xbox One Experience Preview Invites Rolling Out

[/img]If you are waiting to get your hands on the new Xbox One experience that will be released for everyone in November, and if you are a member of the preview program but still didn’t get selected among the “chosen few,” it’s time to check out your console.

Several users have reported today in the private preview forums that a new batch of invites has rolled out, so there’s a possibility that might be part of it.

On top of that, Program Manager Emily Hanson posted an overview on the selection criteria, to help people understand why Microsoft picking and choosing certain users instead of others.


Got the update. It is soooo much faster than the old one, it’s great

did you get a message on live or it just asked you to install?

Didn’t mean to thank lol

Pretty sure you get a message. All I’m waiting for on my One is my Fable Legends beta invite…

I got the update and it’s mad, Confusing as **** at the same time

Just started up my xbox and said it was ready to update so I was like “hot dayum” and took like 30 minutes to update.