Newbie Incoming

Hello Members of HorizonMB i am RJTB. I would like to tell you a little bit of my self as i am a new comer to the community and want to state my purpose of to why i am here. I am a Graphics Designer and a Software Developer. I like to create things such as Mod Tools and Some Cool Visual Graphics.

I am here due to the fact that i am looking for a community to be part of. A community where i have the ability to portray my abilities to the general public. Hopefully this would be the community to accept me and my GFX work.

This is my introduction to this community and hopefully this will be enough to tell you guys a little bit about my self.

Welcome and thanks for actually taking the time to tell us about yourself instead of the usual “hi” lol.

Welcome to HorizonMB RJTB! If you get active in the forums you should enjoy it around here.

And if you ever need help with something don’t be afraid to ask.

I wish more people introduced themselves that way. Welcome!

Thanks for the Warm Welcome Guys i honestly did not Expect this since im used to people not caring about my introductions this really makes me feel good. :smiley:

Welcome to the site!

If you need GFX advice Nick is the one to go to, he’s like the king from what I know.

hello all,

I joined not to long ago, the reason because i like to have fun with games after I've beaten them. Unfortunately i don't know how to create mods myself, only how to apply ones that have already been made. I decided to jump back on because after hearing about fallout 4 I want to replay fallout 3 but with a modded save. Now that i've beaten witcher 3 I'm going to need something else to do. haha

i apologize for my last post i misunderstood. i thought this thread was for all to introduce themselves. =x

Welcome to the site guys!

Thank you!:thumbsup:

Welcome to the site!

I am a designer as well, I am gonna start doing tutorials here soon so if you wanna learn somethings I will post them.

G’Day and welcome mate…
Nice intro, hope that you enjoy your stay.
If you’re a graphics man you might want to have a bit of a chat with Nick from this site, who knows what you might be able to teach each other.

Welcome to the site! I can already tell you’re going to be better than the usual new members who post an introduction and then die after a couple days.

What’s up home doggg, I feel like it’s not often that someone puts out a well thought introduction.

Anyways, I like all your GFX work that I’ve seen thus far!

Thanks everyone for taking your time to welcome me. Much Appreciated :smile:

Welcome! Stay active and contribute to the site and i’m sure you will love it here!

Howdy partner. Those dolphins are dank.

As most people already said, welcome to HorizonMB :smile:

Welcome to the site, have fun, and read the rules…but mostly have fun ^-^

Also be wary of that Captain Janeway >.>