Newbie questions

Hello! I’m new to WeMod (Hello everyone!) and while the program is quite easy to use and navigate I do have some questions:

  1. As I understand I can upgrade to PRO using “app currency” gained for being active and performing certain actions. However I saw some topics where people asked for money refund since they forgot to cancel a subscription. My question is - if I upgrade my account using “app currency”, when the time expires will PRO account be extended automatically and I will be charged real money?

  2. Is Mobile app free? I tried downloading it on my mobile but a window popped out asking for additional info - and since I didn’t had much time to read all the info I quickly quit - I’ll try again later when I’ll have a bit more time - but an answer in the meanwhile would be appreciated :wink:

  3. How do I vote for specific trainers? I saw that there is some kind of second currency (purple i think) used for that purpose (if I’m not mistaken) - how do I earn it?

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Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Going Pro

Pro is gained by one of two ways:

  • Purchasing it with real-life currency.
  • Earning it through sharing your referral link.

Going Pro supports the development of WeMod while giving you additional benefits. Link below.

The Mobile App

WeMod Remote (the mobile app) is free to download. However, to use it, you need a Pro subscription as it is a Pro-only feature.

Voting for new trainers / Requesting trainer updates

  1. Search for the game in the WeMod desktop app via the search box in the top left.
  2. Select the result in the list.
  3. (a) If it is a game that we do not have a trainer for yet, there will be a button labelled “Vote”.
    (b) If it is a game we have a trainer for which needs an update, there will be a button labelled “Request Update”.
    (c) If no update is needed, a trainer is not possible or the trainer is already in the developer’s queue to be updated, it will not be possible to add votes/requests - the button will not appear.
  4. Click the button and then select a number of vote tokens to add to the request.

Each vote bumps the trainer higher up the development queue to let the trainer developers know which trainers are highest in demand by the community and therefore which ones they need to prioritise.

Acquiring vote tokens

Vote tokens are gained by two methods:

  1. Complete objectives in your WeMod dashboard to earn free WePoints (the yellow coins), which can then be converted into vote tokens (the purple coins). For example - play a game with WeMod once every 24 hours.
  2. Impatient? Purchase WePoints directly with real currency and then convert them into vote points.

To convert WePoints into vote tokens, either:

  1. On the page where you can vote for/request an update for a trainer, click the button labelled “Get More” on the right-hand side to convert WePoints into vote tokens.
  2. Click the “Hub” tab in the WeMod desktop app and then click the purple coin on the left-hand side.

Handy links:


Yes - that I understand - but if I purchease pro via WeCoins / sharing referral link - pro will simply deactivate when the time passes (week, month) and I will have to make a purchase again or will it turn as if I’d subscribed and charge my bank (or other) account?

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