Newbie, would appreciate any help

My name is Jeramiah, I am in the Army for 13 years now and I get my son for the summer every year. We love to play games on our 360, especially Black Ops 1 & 2 Zombies. I know a lot of people frown on cheating but I think it would be cool to do some USB modding to allow us to have a crazy cool experience. If anyone can help me and walk me through modding Black Ops 1 or 2 with Horizon. I have been using Modio so I have basic knowledge on rehashing and resigning game saves but I cant seem to get the hang of any of the Black ops mods. We also like playing the survival mode on Modern Warfare 3 if anyone has any input on that as well. I found a mod titled, “Nick Bonds Mods” for Black Ops Zombies but I couldn’t get it to work (99.9 percent sure its my fault!). If anyone can help me with detailed instructions we would be truly grateful, thank you.

Welcome to Horizon! I don’t think there are any USB mod menus for BO1 or 2. Only thing I can think of is GPD mods. For USB Mod menus, you would need to have CoD: W@W tons of USB mod menus for that. Simple to install and use. If you want mod menus for BO1 & 2 I suggest maybe buying a RGH or JTAG. There’s videos out there that can also teach you how to RGH your own console, instead of buying one! If you need links to any, feel free to shoot me a PM!