Newest Update Broke Wemod for me

I downloaded the newest update for wemod which I believe was 5.1.0 and now when I click on “games” the screen doesn’t bring up any games, it just goes blank. It was working before I updated. I uninstalled and re-installed. I ran the ICDV2 file and that still didn’t work. I already whitelisted my security software from blocking WeMod. I had restarted my computer. Nothing is working and I have no idea what to do next.

Thanks for letting us know. Frank believes he knows what the issue is and is working on a fix now.

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Thank you

Thanks for the report! We’re releasing a fix now. It’s related to a Windows store game registry value issue.

Awesome! Keep up the good work guys!!

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Restart the app to get the fix :slight_smile:

Awesome it worked! Thanks!

Doesn’t work for me, I got the exact same problem after an Update. I exited out of the program and everything and it still persists

Go to app Settings. Does it say you’re on version v5.1.1?

How many games do you have installed?

Yes that’s the version I have and I have A LOT of games. I don’t remember the specific count

We just released a new version of the app (v5.1.2) that should fix the issue :+1: Can you confirm?

Yep took a few seconds to load and it’s fine. Thanks so much

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I am having the same problem, and I have version 5.1.3

oh good! The most recent update, which I just installed today, also broke wemod for me. I’m running windows 7 prof. When I open wemod, I get a black screen and it just stays black w/o ever seeming to launch however, when I ctrl + alt + delete to see programs it says wemod is currently running. *fingers crossed ya’ll get it working again! :slight_smile: wishing you lots of luck! :smiley:

Well this was a year ago but
You can end all process of wemod in task manager, then try this one
Make sure your antivirus is not interfering and also you wouldnt happen to have comcast would you ?