Next Big Xbox One Update Coming in February

[/img]Microsoft finally implemented the New Xbox One Experience, and Director of Program Management Mike Ybarra gave an estimate on when the next big update will come in the latest episode of Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s podcast.

Ybarra revealed that the team is already looking at what the next monthly update after the Holiday season will look like. They had the meeting on its feature set on the same day as the New Xbox One Experience released, and they want to make it public as soon as possible to get a lot of feedback.

That said, there isn’t going to be a big system update in December and in January. The next big one is coming in February. The reason for that is that Microsoft wants stability during the Holidays, with lots of people buying new consoles and games. According to Ybarra, it’s not the best time for consumers and for the team to have new features

Interestingly, we also heard on how backward compatibility was made possible by the team at Xbox.