NFS Most Wanted (2005) Help?

OK so @9User_N4m3 you suggested that linked nfs editor on gamebanana and I tried it and it doesnt detect my 360 save file at all. any other suggestions to help me mod my save so I can have more money.

Thats pretty much all I need done and Horizon doesn’t seem to be extracting my save properly so that I can open it up in gibbed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I sent you a PM. The editor I sent was for PC not Xbox.

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they dont seem to have what Im looking for. Guess I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way and just do a tollbooth race over and over and over again

I was unable to find a save editor for the 360 that works. I also tried Horizon, but no luck there either. I’ve only seen saves and outdated save editors with broken download links. It’s safe to say that game saves are the easy way to go with this game.

Sorry for the letdown :disappointed:

I posted a thread on their website seeing if anyone could help me out. but they at least have an editor for the 2012 one which I could use with a brand new save or something and get those achievements nailed down the LEGIT slightly albeit cheaty way without actual cheating in the achievements (wont do that again) lol

That’s a good start, hopefully someone has an editor floating around and is willing to share with you. Achievement modding can be a very anxiety inducing process since if even one achievement is unlocked out of order, you run the risk of being flagged a cheater and possibly having your gamerscore reset which sucks.

I hope someone can share a save editor that lets you do what you need to do :slight_smile:.

trust me it happened to me and the achievements remain unlocked so you cant re acquire them without making a new live account.

been almost an hour and no one has responded to that thread lol

Yeah, general rule of thumb is to give it at least 24 hours. Most online forums that don’t see high activity usually are pretty delayed responding to new topics.

If you are in a timezone where it’s evening, then I would wait till tomorrow and check back on the forum.

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well i mean it’s had 20 views in the last hour

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Oh, then hopefully someone with a solution responds soon then.


I hope so… so far only 46 views and not a single reply

After some digging online, I found one that may work. It was a beta on the old 360Haven forum.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Editor v1.0.rar (233.8 KB)

EDIT: Here are the original instructions how to use:


how would I even find that file? like horizon doesnt even give me the option to look for a “mud.29” file?

Well, it was a beta that went nowhere so maybe it wasn’t made for .sav files? I thought maybe it would prove useful since it was the only thing I could find that remotely seems like it would do something.

lol. and that thread now has 100 views 4 days later and still no replies…