Nick & Steve's 10 Month Diamond Giveaway! [Round 10] Last Chance


This giveaway will end next Thursday (January 1st) at 8:00 PM EST!

Congratulations to our last nine winners, [b]Whats Up Jonny,[/b] IHorney89, [b]Krossuryne,[/b][i][b]UGA Phoenix Mk3,[/b][/i] uniqueglitches, Halo 4, Its Survival, [b]Infinity Tard[/b] & TheWolf!

I wanna thank, [b][i]Cheater912[/i][/b] and [b][i]n i c k[/i][/b] for making this giveaway happen!

Exactly what n i c k said, but we recently decided to have the last giveaway end on New Years day.

There will be no requirements considering this is a holiday giveaway and n i c k and I will like to give everyone a chance to win a prize!


Thanks for this Steve, good luck to all who enter ! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the Giveaway!

thanks steve wonda!

Awesome! round 10!

Well here is the last one lets hope.

old timers can’t win, don’t bother

Not true, TheWolf managed to win giveaway #9. Good luck old timers, and everyone else!


Entereddddd. Hopefully I have better luck on this one opposed to the previous 9 and the powerball/lottery scratch-offs lmao.

Offtopic - Steve no New Years related display picture :anguished:?

Congratulations to our last nine winners, Whats Up Jonny, IHorney89, [b]Krossuryne,[/b]Infinity Tard & TheWolf!

This isn’t related, is it?

Infinity Ward - 4 Weeks Ago Report
Meh, he’s too damn politically correct.

Entered into this giveaway two days ago but forget to respond saying thank you. I hope Nick and you both had a pleasant Christmas, and have a happy New Year.

I haven’t won yet. I swear this is rigged.

The Hype!! :smiley:

[u][/u]2 HOURS LEFT!!![b][/b]

Acidently made a second post please delete this!

Less than 1 hour remaining guys, and girls! Get them last minute entries in!

Who will be the first giveaway winner of the new year?

This feels like the New Years Countdown! xD

I so hope I win…thanks for all of the diamond giveaways Steve and N i c k

Playing Razor Sharp right now xD

Congrats Osher1598!

Congrats to our final winner of the 10 Month Diamond Giveaway, Osher1598!

Thanks to all who entered these giveaways, if you didn’t win one, sorry. Have a giant psychedelic cookie.

Open Me

I aleready ate it :stuck_out_tongue: