Nick & Steve's 10 Month Diamond Giveaway! [Round 5]


This giveaway will end next Thursday (December 18th) at 11:30 PM EST!

Congratulations to our last four winners, [b]Whats Up Jonny[/b] IHorney89 [b]Krossuryne[/b] and[i][b]UGA Phoenix Mk3![/b][/i]

I wanna thank, [b][i]Cheater912[/i][/b] and [b][i]Steve Wonda[/i][/b] for making this giveaway happen!

Steve and I have been discussing this giveaway for little over a week now, I have had the idea in my mind for over a month. Steve brought up the idea of starting the giveaway on a Thursday and having the giveaway end on a Thursday every week. This means that we will give 5 months of Diamond away up until December 25th (which is Christmas, the giveaway has already passed Thanksgiving!) and then we will giveaway another 5 months of Diamond on Christmas day!

Six weeks of Diamond giveaways and 10 months of Diamond, equivalent to $50!

Threads will be created individually with every 1 month being given away, so this is the fifth 1 month of Diamond giveaway which will end on December 18th, then Steve will create another thread with his 1 month of Diamond giveaway and so on!

There will be no requirements considering this is a holiday giveaway and Steve and I will like to give everyone a chance to win a prize!


I’ll win someday …

Thanks for this again, Good luck everyone !

nice giveaway thanks

me to :smile:

Good luck everyone! Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter.

If you want to reply to an individual post use the option, that’s why it’s there.


Fifth time is a charm

old timers can’t win

I only have diamond 1 month this might be the last thing i can get my 1 month diamond

I think you’re saying that this may be the only way you can get another month of Diamond. Well you’re wrong, there’s still 5 more of these Diamond giveaways to come before the year ends, so just enter all of them and cross your fingers tightly, even sleep with them crossed for extra luck. Good luck, and always dream big!

Ok I will :smile:

Thanks for the giveaway, really kind of both you and Steve.

Can’t believe that there is only 3 more days left? Well ya better believe, the time flies!

Worth another try

Contest ends today!

Good luck everyone!

i cant beleve this. you guys are like boses. wow

Last hour guys and gals!

Congrats Uniqueglitches