Nicks Graphics Emporium! (OPEN 24/7!)

Welcome to my Graphics Emporium! Please not that this is an absolutely free “service” as you may call it that only covers HorizonMB avatarsand signature any other designs are not allowed to be requested AND will be ignored.

Also by open 24/7 I mean that this shop is open 24/7 but the requests won’t be finished till I am not busy and get to the requests, but when I am not online you can request!

What I design in this “shop.”
Avatars - I allow you to fully request a custom avatar.
Signatures - I allow you to fully request a custom avatar at your own preferred dimensions with your own additives.

Images: All images that you want added to your avatar or signatures need to be provided by yourself and will need to be a stock or a render that has a transparent background.

Text: Regarding all text that will be applied to your (the member requesting) avatar or signature is totally your decision. You tell me what you want the avatar and signature needs to say and you can choose the font.

Color: You can choose the overall color for your font, if you would want a signature that includes a picture the picture can not have your overall color choice because it will cause a problem with the color scheme.

Order: Your “order,” as I am going to call it, decides if you want an avatar or signature designed, but I also allow you to choose an avatar and signature as well.

Requesting Form





I dont want one (my sigs already beautiful as it is) …just wondering…you call it a shop…are you charging? that allowed?

He ever said he was charging. and people call it a shop because they are doing work for someone.

I didnt say he did…hence why I asked if he was…americans…lol

I call it a shop, because they request I design what they request I am not charging, nor will I ever due to the rules of XboxMB.

What you want (Avatar, or Sig): Avatar & Sig
What you want it to say: iH8 Fr0st
Any additives (Pictures): You make it how you want :smile:

Anything. Just wanna see some work.

What you want (Avatar, or Sig): Avatar & Sig
What you want it to say: tWZtD
Any additives (Pictures): For Avatar make What you feel to your liking, that you think corresponds to my name
as for signature there was this on here as an example when a shop was doing them, i really like it, for the exception of the the colors, i like blue and silver and of course my name in it where its indicated if at all possible

Thank you

I got these done last night my Photoshop messed up and plus I was sick, so here you go :wink:

Thanks so much i like it 10/10

What you want (Avatar, or Sig): Signature
What you want it to say: G Eazy.
Any additives (Pictures):
Thanks bro! :thumbsup:

Here you go dude :wink:

Here you go

What you want (Avatar, or Sig): Avatar & Sig
What you want it to say: Raptor
Any additives (Pictures):

Had a hard time blending that picture with the name, so I hope you like I will change the color if you want :wink:

Thats pretty nice, but do you think I could have a PSD of the text so I can choose the colors?

Uhm could you just tell me what color you want, I would have to upload it to Mediafire wait for it to compress the .PSD file.

Hm, maybe blue and black? Green and black? Blue and green? Choose what looks best :smile:

Well I put all of those colors together and just chose to do this!

That is ****ing awesome! 10/10! I love you! :smiley: