Nightmare Reward?

So me and a couple of buddies finally beat the campaign on Realistic.
It was a pain the ass…trust me.
But we saw that there was a new game mode called “Nightmare” and its pretty much the same campaign just on shuffle and has zombies added to it.
We played about 3 missions of it and thought to ourselves is there a reason to be doing this?
Is there a reward at the end? Or is it all just for fun?
So tell me do you get anything after you beat the Nightmare mode?
Like calling cards? Profile items? Anything?
Please let me know before we decide to play the rest of it soon.
Thanks guys.

*Reads thread/post via HorizonMB.
*Types in Google “Do you unlock anything for beating Nightmare mode?”
*Clicks on a few sites that seem to relate to the question/concern.
*Finds post of someone answering the said question with “No” as your basic answer.
*Posts findings back in HorizonMB thread.

There you have it, apparently you aren’t rewarded anything for being Nightmare mode.

…the user(s) didn’t go into detail to prove their answer(s), but they did state that you don’t unlock or get rewarded anything for being Nightmare mode; it’s just a challenge. Obviously, you could see for yourself since there hasn’t been a confident answer from the community, but, if I were you, I wouldn’t go through the hassle of doing so with Treyarch having game modes in the past that didn’t unlock/reward anything. (ex: Dead Ops Arcade from Call of Duty: Black Ops)