NIKE confirms back to future shoes

I’m not a NIKE fan nor hater. If the shoe looks good, throw it on me.

Meh they’re overhyped cause of the movie. Besides, every sneakerhead and their mother will try to get a pair of these and then resell them on FlightClub and other sneaker consignment websites.

imo, I think those shoes are ugly. I’ve seen them in person and they are not all that. The most I would do is buy them and sell them for more money.

They probably won’t be for general release in stores and will probably be auctioned off with a couple thousand pairs made. If they were, they would sell out insanely fast every time the new ones come in…

Well they are selling mad crazy on eBay…i personally would not be caught dead in them

Those are the limited edition ones they released that don’t have the power laces. I wouldn’t wear them either but that is just because I don’t like really tall high tops.

I don’t see these being a limited release though. Too much time and money going into just for a few thousand pairs.

Oh these will be super limited. These last time Nike released the Air Mag was in 2011 and those go for thousands. And now that these are releasing, with power laces, they will easily be 8+ grand.
I feel like I know too much about shoes, and I have too many. :worried:

I agree, I think Nike would be wise and not make it a general release for stores, unless they want more riots and murders/fights breaking out as did when the Concord 11’s released. They’ll probably try to be slick and release them on their website like they did with the Yeezy’s.

Edit: if anyone wants to try to get a pair and resell them for a lot of money, this photo was leaked, and is suspected to be the release date.

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God yes this will be like jordans they are just shoes they are ment to be weared and they will get mess up so ya wouldnt pay no more than $60 for some shoes but for now i still love my DC’s
So ya they are and will be over rated cause of a movie

Ugliest pair of shoes i’ve ever seen in my life so far besides Jordans. Ugly & overpriced.
Huge waste of money.

What shoes do you wear on a day-to-day basis because if one wants a decent pair of sneakers now than they are easily dishing out $60-100? (Obviously you stated you wear DC, but even those start at $60 and make the way to $100.)

Personally, I can’t argue with people wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on sneakers or clothing in general because I own a few pair of sneakers that have run me $100+ and are kept clean, but, when it comes to waiting in line for hours to spend more than say $120-150 on a show, I can’t see how some people do it; especially if that said item could get be injured. Than again, as a rebuttal, one could say the same thing about me and my hobby of gaming…

In the end, everyone is entitled to spend their money how they please.

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