Nintendo ds automation demonstration

i’m creating a device that allows a user to input a sequence of button pushes on a nintendo 3ds (yes the original DS is shown in the video, I use them for testing. Moving to the 3ds from the ds requires minimal configuration). You will also be able to make scripts on the PC, then move it onto the microcontroller…

It’s just like a mouse recorder for PC.

The buttons on a nintendo ds are powered to 1.8v, and when pulled to ground (normally by the switch), it’s recognized as a button push. so by doing some soldering we’re able to replicate that.

do some PWMs, and you can easily create a bot for any game you’d like (IE “twitchplayspokemon”)

I’ll be updating this thread as i’m creating this, and yes that’s a silver coin i’m using, it’s easier to display.

I hope someone will enjoy this demonstration.

Pretty cool, looks very complicated.

Its a start at least. The hardware part seems simple enough, it’s the software part i’m worried about. Please post pack when/if you make any further progress! :smile:

the software part is the easy part.

Awesome stuff can’t wait to see what you got planned next :smiley: