Nintendo Switch Thoughts?

What do you guys think about the Nintendo Switch that was demoed today?

I think it’s a huge win for Nintendo. It’s really the best of both worlds having a handheld you can take on the go.

I also like how it will bring back the idea of gaming with people IN PERSON. It annoys me how more and more XB1 and PS4 games are being released with no split screen.

I think Nintendo is targeting people with meat friends, they are half way throw success, the other half would be launching good games for it even if they showed entertaining ones.

After watching the 1+h demonstration I have concluded that it is overpriced. It doesn’t seem like it is powerful, just portable.

It is just a handheld with mini wii controllers and a stand for charging battery and connecting to a tv.

I can see kids enjoying them though. Some adults too of course but it doesn’t seem like they are targeting them much.

I can imagine the kids at recess now. Soccer field empty, playground collecting dust, but in the corner you see a circle of 8 kids, playing bomberman on their nintendo switch pads.

i think if they get some great games on the nintendo switch it can be a really big thing. id recommend looking out for mario and zelda games. :slight_smile: