Nioh: Complete Edition / 仁王 Complete Edition Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

Yes, can confirm this helps!
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I got “only” a MSI nVIDIA GTX 1060 with 6Gb GDDR5, but I’m running it with a Custom-Cooler with +295MHz MemoryClock and +205MHz CoreClock, with 65% Fan-Speed at round about 60°C. This means that it more than tripple as much performance as the GTX 8800 had. The 8800 is one of the latest supported grafic cards in the compatibility list of Unreal Engine 4.

So the performance is without overclocking, more than enough, to handle NIOH!

In my case, the game is running extremely unstable, with 3D-Accelerated Overclocking … after I’ve deactivated this OC-Profile, it seems like, that the game runs great - even with an OUTDATED Trainer!

For “AMRITA” and “COINS” - just use the cheat “Unlimited Items” in both cases. Just go to the Blacksmith and sell as much and as often you want, to ern a lot of Coins and get rich.

Amrita - just Sacrifice weapons on a shrine, as much and as often you want, to get a lot of AMRITA.

  • Will report, if I get a game-crash again, but it seems like I’ve finally found the problem.


Another Update to v.1.24.03…