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my horizon doesn’t find any devices? I let it run as administator. My x-box is connected throug a home network. So what do i have to do?


Horizon won’t find your Hard Drive over the Network. You need a USB or an Xbox 360 Data Migration Kit.

Are you using a usb or a HDD?

Do you not have a transfer kit?

As stated above, Horizon will not detect your Xbox over the internet/local network. You will either have to use a transfer cable and connect your Xbox hard drive(HDD) into your computer, or will have to format one of your USB’s to the Xbox. From there, you can go to System Settings>Memory and then move the saves/profile you’d like to mod from your HDD to the formatted USB device. Once you’ve done that, you can once again, just plug the USB into your computer, and Horizon will detect it. From there it should be pretty easy.

You need a transfer cable or a Flash drive.

LMFAO. Just sayin, it would never be able to find your hdd over the internet… Just sayin.

How do you know… Jtag’s can through FTP. You never really know what will come in the feature. :confused:

You need to you a USB.

I might know the problem. Did you configure your flash drive/USB on xbox 360. If not then thats why.