No Horizon Diamond/Pro free trial

I kinda wish there was a free 30 or so day free trial for Horizon Diamond/Pro.

30 days trial! :open_mouth:

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Or even 90 days lol
With horizon can mod all you games in 30 days then won’t need it any more ! Lol

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They have planned a trial system for pro at least. Art is there and a staff member confirmed it in a post.

We’ve discussed trials multiple times but in the end for it to work people would have to enter a credit card so they couldn’t get unlimited free trials and not many people are willing to do that. It would also be like 48-72 hours max not 30 days.

Both Pro and Diamond are less than $10 and you can cancel your subscription the second month if you aren’t happy with it.

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You could always make the trial a one-time thing and make it cost points. Although a demo vid of the remote would be enough since it is the only infinity feature you get atm. A trial might become more useful once you get more things from pro.

That wouldn’t stop people from just making new accounts though. If they are forced to enter a CC they would at least be limited as I assume most people only have 3-4 CC.

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A wepoints cost would slow them down at least.

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I agree with the demo video of the remote for Infinity. I’m going to be working on that soon!

Also, we’re going to test out trials. If it gets abused we may have to add some sort of verification, if not credit card, then some kind of phone # verification.

@OP there’s really nothing to trial for Horizon.

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i would love just a couple hours with diamond i originally tried purchasing it but it wouldn’t except card

The thing is. Those couple Hours would be enough to mod every game which then makes it unlikely someone buys Diamond

Yeah lol