No Man's Sky Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It’s the newest Trainer version, but didn’t saw the NMS Update^^

Settings i’m using are working, but i use only the Jetpack.

the update on steam was not announced either, it is used for troubleshooting because there were many errors in the announced update

Easy Atlas pass doesn’t appear to be working, have tried toggling off/on a few times and doesn’t change anything. Creating one using Easy Craft is a way round this, but wanted to flag the mod isn’t working.

I also have an issue with using navigation data, even though I have plenty in my inventory it doesn’t let me use it / interact with functions that require it (eg. summoning a ship).

Since another hotfix the in patch 4.43 some of the functions activate but do not function properly like the Atlas Pass, unlimited mining beam energy, couldn’t send bug report yet through app, so posting here :slightly_smiling_face:

So far playing the Pioneers Expedition, I noticed also:

  1. can’t actually sell items: they will remain into your inventory. You can even reselling items unlimited. Same goes for awarded consumables like expending inventory storage (can use 3 items infinitely until storage capacity has been maxed out).
  2. If you want to add an animal as pet using consumables like Creature Pellets, the game won’t allow you to feed the animal. To add an creature as a pet, I had to shut off WeMod.

There is probably some more. I will add later if I find some.

For me what I do is: Turn off Unlimited Ammo in the trainer, Sell the items, then turn it back on (because really how are you supposed to sell something when the game registers it as an unlimited item?). As for the creature pellets, slot upgrades, nav data, salvage data do the same thing.

Pioneers Expedition? I though that expedition ended in December 2021, they are up to 11-Voyagers

My bad: it is Voyager expedition.

I didn’t realized this is affected by Unlimited ammo. I suppose this is not meant to work like this, at least I didn’t had this issue some months ago when I played NMS…

The Unlimited Ammo cheat for the multi-tool is affecting consumable items such as navigation data. I cannot summon my ship at a landing pad with this cheat activated.

The No Man’s Sky cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

there is a problem in guns : unlimited ammo

when activated, you can no longer feed animals, you see the e and the rotating arrow around it, but nothing happens.

win 10, rtx 2080 ti and all drivers up to date

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Disable the cheat when you don’t need it.

You don’t need to keep cheats on all the time. Just turn them on/off as needed. :slight_smile:

i use it i, i test it, i report it :computer_mouse: :keyboard: :desktop_computer: :printer:

this is not for me , it is information for other players …

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Thank you @MrAntiFun :pray:


would it be possible to add a “set salvaged data” or “unlimited salvaged data” cheat?

I’ve said it before: Unlimited Ammo does that. I only have 20 salvage data in my inventory and with it on, and learned EVERY blueprint.


I found something interesting with “Easy Craft:” when it’s enabled, Laylas the blue sentinel drone will ENDLESSLY follow you around.

There was a hidden 5gb bug fix update on the 18th, and now “Super Jetpack Speed” “One Hit Kills” turn off.


+1. Went to play today and found these 2 to not be working as well.

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Same experience as others. Unlimited Ammo has to be toggled off to feed creatures, and One Hit Kills is completely disabled. I dont use Super Jetpack Speed so cant attest to that. Dont see anywhere to queue the game for update so posted here and gave feedback via the post game pop up.

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The trainer is incredible but after the last update the “SUPER JETPACK” and “ONE HIT KILL” stopped working. Hope this helps.