No Man's Sky Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Question, I may have overlooked it but I can’t figure it out, is there a way to split stacks to get more items? Does that make sense? Like the Salvaged Data for instance. I swear that used to be a thing.

Edit: Like, instead of using the option that gives ALL packs, I just wanna increase one thing, not get a whole bunch of other things.

Hi Guys, Just letting you know that a 7.5GB update just dropped and half the cheats are not working, thanks.


Yeah definitey broke Unlimited Health and Unlimited Ship Health at least.

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i need an update for no man sky; maybe it’s outdated

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It’s surprisingly odd to do, but it works like a freakin’ charm.

Let’s say you have 2 Salvaged Data.
Throw down a small refiner. Load one of those Salvaged Data into the refiner, but do NOT refine it. Place another small refiner over top of the original. It doesn’t sound like it’ll work, but it does. You’ll see what I mean. Then pick them both up. You’ll have 2 small refiners in your inventory.
The more small refiners you place over top of the original, the more you’ll get in return. For example, you put four on top of the original, and you’ll get the original thing you loaded, plus 4 more. If you had 20 in the original stack, you’ll have 100 in total.
It’s a glitch in the game, and it only works with the small refiner (but don’t tell anyone. we wouldn’t want it being patched out, would we?)

Remember, the caveat is that you have to pick up ALL the refiners for this to work properly.


need update

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There have been a few things that have gone awry.

  • Unlimited Health
  • Jetpack speed
  • Alien translation
  • all currencies
  • Ship health

That’s all I could find.


Those are all I found to not work either. I however did not try the packs settings so I am unsure if those work or not. (I’ve never touched the pack settings)


Hello, 4.5 is here. So…

Super Packs Size
Unlimited Units
Unlimited Nanite Clusters
Unlimited Quicksilver

Does not work anymore :sob:
Can you fix it ?

PS : Thanks for all the previous work


unlimited health, super jetpack speed, unlimited ship health


Trainer has multiple functions not working. the game was just updated today to the omega edition. also it would be a good idea to prioritize this since for only 4 days the game is free for everyone to play.


Update needed as the following are no longer functioning.

Unlimited Health
Super Jetpack Speed
Easy Alien Translation

All inventory cheats

Unlimited Ship Health

Appreciate all the hard work you do!

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Patience people, patience.


The No Man’s Sky cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Alright! Time to complete this Expedition.

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I didn’t even realize it updated, finished the expedition about an hour ago, with only the functions that were working.

Drone bot thing follows you around everywhere and can’t destroy it. Wtf?