No Man's Sky Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

Hi @MrAntiFun, just thought you’d want to know the Health cheat isn’t working anymore, the custom Nitrites don’t seem to do anything and I also found a bug where if you have the fast jetpack enabled but then you eat something in game which boosts the efficiency of jetpack it freezes the game.
Other than the above I’m enjoying No Mans Sky again as your trainer has helped speed things up :smiley:

All the best!

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Hi! Just to confirm, may I know where did you purchase your game from?

**Greetings @Sephyyy , @MrAntiFun **

I’ve also noticed that since the latest No Man’s Sky update, a few cheats, specifically the unlimited health and all inventory cheats, are not working anymore. The latest update versions are Steam: 123971 and Xbox (PC): 123865.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the community—you all rock!

Hi there! Thanks for letting us know! Have you attempted launching the game initially on steam, waiting until you can freely navigate within the game world, and then opening the mods by clicking PLAY on WeMod App? Make sure to use the most recent trainer version, which you can check by going to the Mods version under Mod settings.

Hi @Sephyyy,
I have No Mans Sky through my Xbox Game Pass on PC, mods worked fine until game update now only some work. Others just deactivate immediately.

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Hello! Have you followed the instructions I provided below?

I tried doing as you said. But still unable to open Unlimited Materials Packs Super Packs Size

None of the options that were broken on the xbox version of the trainer are fixed.

Health doesn’t work, nanites and quicksilver don’t work, “easy craft” breaks crafting if it needs more than 99 of something.
Oh, and “super packs” and things related to it are broken and dont work at all.

None of the inventory mods seem work at the moment. When enabling, they just immediately disable by itself. When setting the units/nanite/quicksilver manually, it doesn’t display on the game. These mods where working before the game updated on the xbox app. Currently on version of the game and the mods version on wemod are up to date.

Greetings, As of today, 12 June 2024. It seems that only the GOG game source version of the game is updated and working correctly with the latest update. Steam and xbox are not yet compatible with the mods trainers.

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Thanks for letting us know! We have reported the issue to the team, and they’ll have someone test it. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get updates.


It mistakenly shows all versions updated when in reality at least the Gamepass one has not been updated.

Saw the update note, hopped on and sadface