No mans sky Intel CPU

Anyone know if they ever patched no mans sky to run on intel systems? Last I saw they basically said Intel wasn’t supported (in essence screw you, which they later modified to we’ll work on it). I don’t want to buy the game if it will not run on my system obviously. Thanks.

It works fine for me I have experienced none of the issues people have complained about, I say buy it, if it doesn’t work get a refund

There was never an issue with Intel CPU only Intel GPU(iGPU) and AMD cpu. All of which have been fixed in the past few patches.

What are your FULL PC specs ? List the exact make and model of your GPU, as well as CPU. Or, are you playing on an integrated/onboard graphics processor ?

Make sure you have the latest BIOS on your system as well, if running any SKYLAKE processor. What all PC games can you currently play on your system ?

Yeah i didn’t experience any issues either except for the stutter while doing certain things. I think they fixed that in the patches.

The game gets quite boring after a while though, they haven’t fixed that.

thanks Chris, appreciate the information.