No man's Sky Wemod T-bone multiplayer

Wemod seems to have broken multiplayer for me and looking to revert changes so I can keep my save-file.

@RevelationsOfGod Can you still help? This is the only way I think I can contact you as I cannot DM you.

Hello! :slight_smile:

First of all, just to make sure you’re aware, trainers are not for online game modes, no matter where you get them from.

Secondly, could you be more specific about the issues you’re facing?

Hello and thanks for the reply.

Firstly, I know they’re not for multiplayer and honestly I’ve not used it for such. I’ve been playing alone for a while and some friends decided to join but couldn’t.

Joining a friends session OR a friend joins mine.
The moment we get close to each other, we get our group broken and can’t play together.

Reason: found by @RevelationsOfGod (I think)
Infinite health cheat breaks the save. From my understanding the WeMod devs are deliberately altering it so you can’t do multiplayer anymore.

I am actually no longer looking for a solution as I’ve managed to fix it myself through some blood and sweat.

I understand and am totally behind the trainers not being used in multiplayer, but a warning shall be in place letting the user know that.

Ive played 30h alone just to find out that I când do multiplayer and had to restart the play through.