No more diamond

Ok so i just updated Infinity and i’ve been using infinity for a few months now and just last week i wanted to try the Diamond upgrade so i bought it but when i check in the app it doesn’t say i have diamong just bought Pro but no diamond plz help.
thx, Arturito1106

@frank might be able to help you with this.

Actually fyi, they have made few changes to the website, as well as terms/conditions, in WeMod 2.0.

Diamond has been split into Diamond and Pro.

… Pro members get 10,000 WePoints per month and can access the Infinity remote.

Diamond members get unlimited access to Horizon only.

If you were subscribed to Diamond before the split, you get grandfathered in as a Pro member, as long as you keep your subscription active.
… Lifetime Diamond members get a free year of Pro.

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Diamond has been renamed to Pro. The old Diamond subscription is for Horizon only now (our Xbox 360 modding application). You technically have both.

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Ok so i did have Diamond before the split but i just bought the pro so pretty much i bought the same thing twice? And thank you for the fast response.

Your Diamond subscription ends today. I can reactive it for you before it ends

I have to pay right or not?

Nope! I will refund your Pro payment, so you can keep Diamond and Pro on your old Diamond subscription.

Oh, Yeah that would be great! Thank you i really appreciate the support. :slight_smile:


Okay, you’re all set! You won’t be charged for that Pro subscription, and you keep Pro as long as you keep your Diamond subscription active. See for yout subscription info.

Thank you very much!