No Nukes in MW3 - Confirmed

Thank god.

Thank god !!

No commando and OMA? **** yes…

awww man

No stopping power :open_mouth:

omg why no stopping power?, sniping is going to suck yet again…

Awhhh. It was fun Nuke Boosting, annoying idiot in FFA. ( Overdose < 3 )

OMA? O.o

No stopping power…:frowning:

What’s OMA?

So sniping is useless in another Call of Duty game again?

One Man Army, The perk.

Oh, okay.

No stopping power is a good thing. No more being forced to use it without being out-perked.

Who gives a **** about sniping. Thats one of the aspects that ruined the game for me. To many try hard snipers who ***** that everyone who doesn’t snipe is bad. Its ****ing annoying.

I’m sure that me and a lot of other people only play COD because of trickshotting.

One Man Army.


One man army. I

Hopefully they have a better replacement for the nuke, or else that would be just plain stupid.