No trainers work for any game

None of the cheats work for any of the games that I have. They are all compatable with wemod, and are clearly visible as friendly games. But there is no options for the cheats under the steam tab.

There are no options for available trainers and I have been fumbling around with it for a few days. I am at a loss and completely frustrated.

Does this only happen with Call of Duty?

How long has WeMod been open? If it’s been over 2 or 3 days, then I would recommend exiting WeMod using task manager then reopening.

I reinstalled it before I put the topic up. I wanted to see if that would help. So, it’s a fresh version. And it’s with all of my games, not just call of duty
I manually downloaded a trainer from last night, because the app wasn’t working, and that one works. I’ve never had to do that before, but is that what we have to do now?

With all of my games. I just used the pic as an example of what it looks like.

No, but if that works it leads me to believe that an antivirus or firewall is stopping WeMod from downloading the trainers.

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