Non Game Suggestion + Reasoning

So this has been going through my mind… alot …

I love infinity and using it on games that work with it. it may get me into trouble with the community but regardless
hear my rant.

I’ve visited many sites like WeMod, with the same idea of making money off trainers and cheats etc tho…
i know WeMod doesn’t operate ad’s and reliant solely on members of the community.
my point im trying to make is that other sites offer more to members then just offline and mobile use also membership points for a paid sub.

Dont get me wrong i love the layout of WeMod and the community it has. maybe try implement a better reward system? like chances for free merch/points etc .i know this is going into territory that may be beyond my station as a commoner.

Also my other grievance is that mods dont get updated like other websites i’ve been to where mods are updated at almost as a new update has happend. NOT TO BE RUDE but maybe have a report function so you dont have to rely on a forum? or hire more help?

i am aware that i may seem ungrateful for everything but WeMod does something that nobody else does … offer all the mods regardless if you are paying or not and im grateful !!! thank you. This is why i’ve not become a pro member yet.

I love the work that is being done and only mention these things to maybe help WeMod and its community.
this is not an attack on the brilliant work that is being done. i am aware that you maybe busy and cant get to every mod but i hope some of my words may help.


p.s maybe implement a lifetime membership to generate that extra cash for other projects

We will be adding additional uses for WePoints in the future but we are working on other things that are more important right now.

Cheat creators have access to stats that show how many people use the trainer and then it is up to them if they think it is worth updating or not. I think if you would really look the majority of trainer sites don’t update past the first month or two because after that single player tends to die off until the game drops to half price or less. Last week we announced version guard which will solve the issue of trainers not working due to updates.

That is understandable. We want people to subscribe to support the site, not because you are being forced to. Pro members will get additional features in the future to sweeten the deal.

Thank you for the quick reply and clearing up some of my worries.

I await the day pro membership get sweetened and i’ll be joining up.

Again thank you and was not ment as an attack.


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