None of the trainer are working can someone help me please?

I had to stop using WeMod about a year or two ago because when ever I’d go to use one of the trainers it would star saying “We’re having trouble loading the cheats into your game”, so after that I tried using another trainer and it worked so I thought that the trainer just needed updating but then the next it I went to use WeMod the app got updated and then all of the trainer stopped working and I looked online to try and find a fix to no avail so I then uninstalled it completely and reinstalled it and that didn’t work so I stopped using it but I want to start using it again so I reinstall it white list it in my antivirus go to use it by starting the game first click on play and I get the same problem but if I click play first the game starts but the trainer does not and I still get the same problem.

When I open the console in the developer tools I get this error:

ERROR [native] Process::InjectDll:25 failed.


ClassName: “System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception”

Data: null

ExceptionMethod: “8↵k↵WeModAuxiliaryService, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null↵U↵IntPtr[] k()”

HResult: -2147467259

HelpURL: null

InnerException: null

Message: “Partial copy error. Support process is x86”

NativeErrorCode: 299

RemoteStackIndex: 0

RemoteStackTraceString: null

Source: “WeModAuxiliaryService”

StackTraceString: " at U.k()↵ at U.j(String 0)↵ at 61.3(51 0)↵ at i.j.0()↵ at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.InnerInvoke()↵ at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()"

WatsonBuckets: null

proto: Object

Are you running an anti virus? The WeMod auxiliary service get grabbed a lot by AVs as a false flag

Yeah I’m running Avira but I’ve white listed WeMod in there and in Windows Defender and I’m still getting the same error, but I had Avira installed when I first started using WeMod back when it was call Infinity, when everything was working fine, then I got an update and they everything went downhill from there.

AVs are weird and will let things go and then one day decide they’re dangerous for whatever reason.

Try white listing the two EXEs in this post

Which version of Windows are you running? And is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

In the white list for Avira I have the entire folder white listed but I’ve now added the update.exe and the WeModAuxiliaryService.exe to Windows Defender, so I’ll try again now and let you know.

I’m running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

It did not work it’s still saying “We’re having trouble loading the cheats into your game”.

You unfortunately cannot just whitelist the entire folder in Avira, it will still get picked up, the two EXE’s must be whitelisted independently. Also make sure to follow the re-install instructions as well as your AV may have already removed them :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t work, I’m still getting the same problem.

I’ll tag the main app dev and see if he has any ideas. What game are you attempting to use the trainer on?


I’ve tried Mafia 3, Mad Max and Prey so far.

For some reason the support program we use to load cheats into the game is running as 32-bit. It’s specified to run as 64-bit. I’ve never seen this before, so I’ll have to do some research.

Well that’s strange, I hope you are able to find a solution to this problem because I would like to start using WeMod again and thanks guys for responding fast to try and help. :grin:

Hey Frank and Instinct I know it’s been awhile but I was just wondering if there are any updates to my problem and if you’ve fond a fix.

Hey, I’m still trying to figure it out. Are you experiencing issues with other programs? Can you send me a screenshot of your system info? Exact Windows version would help too.

Oh ok and here is the screenshot and my Windows version is 1803.

Are you able to run Windows update to install the latest version? Microsoft is ending support for v1803 in November. Not a real fix, but I’m wondering if it’ll work anyway.

I’ve just checked and yeah I’m able to update to v1903 I’ll let you know what happens after it’s done.

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.NET has a setting to force programs to run in 32-bit mode even if they’re flagged to run in 64-bit. I enabled it on my PC and was able to reproduce the error. Maybe your PC has the setting enabled. To restore it, run C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\Ldr64.exe Set64 and restart the WeMod app.

If that folder doesn’t exist, open regedit, set Enable64Bit to 1 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework, then restart your PC.

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