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Northgard Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The cheats for the game are based on your current levels, so the more fisheries and farms you have the larger the max food you can have. If after building one of these the max doesn’t change turn the cheat off and than on again.

Hey there, it still doesn´t work. Just F4 does work. Can anybody with kowlege and knowhow help?


There was an update and a new, clan added it will take a few days or more for them to update the cheats for the new data in the game.


Trainer still not updated after game update, only unlimited population works


Yeah i can confirm, game updated, nothing works only un population. But it does say Reppins trainer is compatible which is not.


Any chance of this trainer being updated to work with the March 17 Northgard update? The ‘Unlimited Population’ function still works, but the others don’t. It still saves some time, but would be super useful to have the other functions back again.

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pls update only population work


@REPPiN is an update being worked on for this trainer?


update this trainer this only works on population

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pls update trainer its doesn’t work anymore


@REPPiN Are there currently any updates being made on this trainer? Only the F4 button works


I’ve mainly got wemod to play northgard plz update the trainer

Both Trainers dont work so could you guys please fix them thanks :heart:

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Came here to see if others were having this issue and seems to be so. Wish it would be marked as incompatible so we could request within WeMod

yeah i agree

Unlimited villagers is the only one that’s working. Please update <3

hi all the mod are not working for me either… both 32bit and 64bit versions. toggling it during the game doesn’t change any of the numbers in game. please help!


Please be patient with the creator, the game was updated less than three weeks ago with a new clan. Than a patch to fix many bugs, than another update. All this leads to having to recreate or relocate all the information for the game. If the game slows down update wise, they will get it corrected.

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The update is appreciated.

Can’t get the both 64bit version to work, and how to play in 32?