Northgard Cheats and Trainer for Steam

me too :imp:

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The Northgard cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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It’s updated! THANK YOU!

Playing right now, followed the instructions, around 20 minutes into my game. Trainer still isn’t working

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Hi there! Where did you purchase your game from? Make sure to use the most recent version, which you can check by going to the Mods version under Mod settings.

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I did not know about that! Yea changing the mod version worked for me, I was just being an idiot. Thanks so much!


When trying to use food, it seems like the game reads it as 0 even though it’s not on the tabs on top?

Also when using wood or krown cheats, they keep switch from 9999… to it’s original value back and forth.

PS: Tried mod on both Single and Conquest game modes.

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hello. cheats don’t seem to work after the update

Patch today, cheats no longer work

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I know it just recently updated, but is there an estimate on how long it takes to update the trainer?

Hi there! Currently, we don’t have any ETA’s for trainer updates. May I know where did you buy your game from and what mod options are not working for you?


Hi! Have you followed the read before playing instructions? and are you using the mods on a multiplayer/co-op mode?


Thanks for letting me know! We have reported the issue to the team, and they’ll have someone test it. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get updates.


Dang, they keep updating this too quick for mods to catch up. Ugh… more waiting to play I guess.

i got it on steam and its mods 1-6. all the infinite resource mods. the speed up time one still works.

Will confirm cheats are broken again

this trainer doesn’t work :frowning: