Not compatible require 64bit version?

I’ve been doing stuff on vermintide to get myself to lvl up faster and get better loot for one day and it was working great. then when infinity update it says it no longer compatible as it is not 64bit format. I have tried many ways to get it to 64bit but I have come up with dead ends. this is my feedback to the issue and I hope some has an answer soon. note I’ve been doing it private not public to avoid myself getting in trouble.

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Can you screenshot the error?

here is the screenshot of the error it was working fine one day then this started coming I ran a 16GB ram pic a 3gb 1060 GTX GC I dunno what’s going on?


I am getting the same error message for Final Fantasy III. I am running the latest Steam version of the game. The other 5 games that I have that Infinity recognizes do not give me this error.

I have used this trainer in the past. I think that the last time that I used this was about 2 weeks ago.

yea I have the same issue but for a different game. I was trying to play bioshock 2 remastered but when I fire up infinite I get the same error

There trainers need to be updated due to the new vermintide update that recently dropped, give it some time.

When I got home today, I tried using the Final Fantasy III trainer again. I still got the 64-bit error message. This was with Infinity Version 2.0 (I think). I installed the Infinity 3.0 beta. The FFIII trainer does work with the 3.0 beta. Nothing changed in my FFIII install. Something is not working properly between the FFIII trainer and the Infinity 2.0 program.