(NOT Official) XboxMB Minecraft Server [CRACKED] [PREMIUM]

Everybody, I haven’t been on lately and I’m sorry. Contact anybody in the list I put below for help if I don’t respond. Also I am not admin for some reason and I am sure it was just a mess up and hopefully BrandoN will fix it. He has changed a lot of things since I was here. Just letting you guys know and remember; donate!
Contact list: maxxy,F2C BrandoN,Miester and some other people that I don’t know(contact me if your them people)

Well guys it’s here finally
F2C BrandoN has made and payed for a dedicated server. Please go to his profile and thank him.
Thanks to maxxy for the map which is awesome by the way
Here is the IP
and for the Free launcher just PM me
(No more need for hamachi thanks to Meister for suggesting portforwarding)

Things to keep in mind
*Don’t destroy the city or others people’s work YOU WILL BE BANNED
*Please don’t ask for op. If me and BrandoN trust you we will make you op if not just go and find your materials like the other people

If anyone’s artwork is destroyed and they have proof it was you. Your gonna be PERMA-BANNED without any further reasoning
You get 1 warning then the offences start
1st OFFENCE - 5 min
2nd OFFENCE - 10 min
3rd OFFENCE - 30 min
4th OFFENCE - 1 hr

Talking-sh*t to an op/admin
Harassing a player
Really these are the only rules. If you are doing anything wrong you will be told not to and that will refer to your first warning

Back Up Server:
Don’t use this if the original is working.
Just use if the other server is down.
If you are trusted
Please save this image because you will most likely become a builder to where you can spawn stuff
If you are not trusted you will have to ask any admins for them to give you stuff

My Timezone(for specific times): (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
TimeZone Converter(if you wan’t to know the time where you are)
Server Status:
Back Up Server Status:
Also this server will be running randomly during the week but mostly on weekends. If server is not up please PM me unless the this thread says so.
If there is any problem with the server. Please refer back to this post.

Also please donate if you are financially able to. It will help us keep the server.

i cant wait to try this out nice post

Updated Hamachi and IP
Plus tried to reduce lag by switching PCs

is it minecraft classic or the new one

I would play but hamachi is horrible, could you please portfoward?

I got my own minecraft server thats better than this you could of asked me I have alot of servers. BTW use a MySQL server instead of this

I will look into this.
Does this reduce lag?

I wanna join how do I get minecraft for free wizwo PM if you know how ty. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the paid version and I can’t join :expressionless:

i got paid one and i got on

it’s because you don’t have hamachi thats why i told him to portforward

Guys com down I just portforwarded
The server is no longer laggy you can join now Elliot
Post Updated

just joined but noone was there :anguished: looks really cool though
definitely works for people who paid now :smile:

Good job, I may be on occasionally in-game name: SaviorX

Awesome :smiley:

It looks nice :smile:

Yes! Now all I have to do is get this post stickied and official


^ :smiley:
you know you’re jealous of boba fett

Lol it just ****ed up for me, my screen was doing this:

Then I could see my own character…


lol WTF
The boat didn’t like you