Not sure what one is better lol

My birthday was 1/18 i know am late haha but yea now am 19 would have posted it on my birthday but i was banned. but also i just got my driver license yesterday witch it is big for me first time taking it and passed with only one wrong error “i forgot the e brake was on”:worried:

                                                      Am happy to be back thanks Cheater912

Happy, late, Birthday Derrick and congrats on your driver’s license!

Happy Late Birthday !

I see you!! Pick me up. I’m gonna be stuntin’ in the back seat!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy late Birthday!

Happy birthday.

Welcome back m8 and happy birthday, now join the chat box :wink:.

Welcome back, you haven’t missed anything.

Also happy birthday!

still a ***** <3

Happy Late Birthday


My ***** wasgood haah

you got xb1