Not updated tag

When mods aren’t updated for the newest versions of the game. The games page in the mod tool should get a tag on or near the picture of the game it’s for; that says something like “This mod has not been updated by the Author, it may not work with the newer versions”.

This is more of a quality of life update, so you don’t have to look around wondering why the mod isn’t working only to realize the mod Author has abandoned it nearly a full year ago.

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Which specific game MODS are you using, in which you have noticed that the cheats aren’t working properly ?

The Trainer gets an update from the developer/author, as and when it is required.

Not ALL Game trainers may require an update though, it depends on the title, but I think the WEMOD devs work hard to make sure everything is up to date.

Sometimes there might be a delay as well. Even if we think that any trainer isn’t updated to match the game’s current version, sometimes the cheats may work properly.

But, are you facing any serious issue, while using any of the game MODs ? If yes, then kindly specify full details.

Does your Game crash, when the cheat options are activated, or you get some kind of ERROR CODE as well ?

Beneath each specific Game title under INFINITY tool, it does say this, “Last updated 2 months ago”, just as an example.

The trainer says at the top when it was last updated. If something hasn’t been updated then please post on the forums. With around 200 games it is almost impossible for us to know what is out of date without someone letting us know.

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