Not Working For Macc Halo

Im having trouble to have the cheats enabled in the macc halo game… ive followed those steps and i stiil cant find the cheat happens to be working in halo CE… Its not even working on Halo Reach… so anyone can guide me through… just bought the game and i cant enjoy it using with wemod… any solutions?

Make sure you start the game through Steam with the anticheat disabled.

yes i did that and yet it not working… any other suggestion?

Make sure you’re using the correct trainer. H:TMCC Reach and and H:TMCC CE need separate trainers.

None of the halo mcc trainers are working in wemod since the steam game updated to v1.1955.0.0 which is the new halo 4 update please update the halo mcc trainers to work again thank you