Not working

I just download it and i have the cheats for farcry 4 but when i click the cotrol to activate it it doesnt work what do i do

Are you using the latest version of INFINITY 2.0 ? Do all other game cheats work fine, or is it just related to FAR CRY 4 ?

Disable your Antivirus/firewall software for the time being. Are you running Infinity as an ADMIN, or a normal user ?

Open INFINITY, and press CTRL+SHIFT+D combination key, and see if there are any Errors or not, when the game has been launched ?

What exactly happens, when you Toggle the cheat options ? Do they make a beep sound, and then toggle themselves back, or the option remains activated.

Or, you get kind of Error CODE as well ? Need more info from your side. Provide more details. Which copy of the game you own, STEAM version, UPLAY, or some other platform ?

What is the name of the .EXE/executable file ?

This could also be a WMIC issue, so try restarting the WMI service as well as update the variable path via WMIC, if need be.

Try to attach and run Infinity, after the game level has been fully loaded.

First, launch the game via STEAM, or any other installed source.

After that, once the game level has been loaded, just ALT+TAB back to your desktop and start Infinity. Click on the START GAME button to switch back to the game.

When the icon says “End Game”, this means the trainer has been activated.

You can click on the FIND GAME button, to manually select the game’s folder. This should automatically open the PICK FOLDER pop-up box and window…

You can only change the installed path, if you get the FIND GAME button prompt on top right side. If it says, “START GAME”, then Infinity has already detected the game folder.

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hey mikekiritsis123, what’s your far cry 4 game version ?:slight_smile:

The Cheats for FarCry 4 do not work. I switched them of on but they do not work…