Not working

hi staff im having trouble downloading this program it wont let me get pass the installation of the program could you please help I have a diamond account right now and the installation worked on other computers
thx kitzinger

Download and install from here:

i need help everytime i start up horizon it says its not responding what can i do to fix this

Hi staff can you download this on to xbox 360 and do it on there

No, you download it on your pc and move the files over to a flashdrive.

Hi, I have the same trouble than the original post. I have win 7 home premium with frameworks installed and I still cant run Horizon. Can anyone help me please?

Run or Install? If you’re not able to get it to install try this, right click on the installer, click on properties, look for the Unblock button near the bottom and click it, now click Apply and then Ok. Now it should install for you.

If you still have issues delete the installers you have downloaded and download Horizon from the link below and try again.

Download Latest Horizon:

Hi, I can install Horizon, but i cant run the program. I cant run the last version neither, and I dont know what to do :anguished:

Are you getting any error messages?

You should check to see if you have any Windows Updates available, if you do, take them. Not being up to date can cause Horizon to not work.