Nothing works for Andromeda

I’m using Infinite for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Can’t seem to toggle any of the buttons for the number pad, and the defaults aren’t working either.

I’ve uninstalled, cleared cache, deleted everything (Since uninstall doesn’t do that.) and reinstalled. Nothing seems to have fixed it.

Haven’t seen anybody else post this, so I probably screwed it up somehow.

When you cleared cache, did you use this?

@STN Maybe merge this with the official topic.

You ignored my question in the thread. I’ll ask again

Are you running the trial version or full ? What do you mean by not working? do the cheat turn blue then turn themselves off ? or do they stay blue but not work ? Which cheats aren’t working?

also another thing if you are trying to using the numpad button on the right of keyboard like i do u must have numlock turned on or it disables the numpad and turns it into another arrowkey pad only (in most keyboards)

I wasn’t the one you asked that, but I’m using the full version. None of the cheats work. I use the indicated key, but there’s no sound and I can’t toggle the cheat to a different key.

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No, I just deleted all the files.

Yeah, I know.

So it isn’t trainer’s fault, input isn’t being sent for some reason (your hotkeys aren’t registering).

I’ll tag @frank, he might have a clue why.

Okay, spoke with frank.

Can you try running infinity as admin then see if the hotkeys register input? If not, try completely uninstalling infinity (delete the folders in %appdata%/daring development).

Got it to work, thank you STN, and thank you frank!

Great! Do you know what did the trick?

I deleted the files and then ran as Admin.

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